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We are a first-class laundry service company that also engages in the sale and rental of professional clothing. We offer services to individuals, families, corporate entities, hotels, and institutions.

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our hassle-free process.

Bag up your clothes and drop them off at our office or schedule a pick-up. Our laundry pros will give your clothes the special care it deserves by washing, drying, and folding each item and having it ready for delivery or pick-up in little to no time. Meanwhile, you can make that shopping trip or plan some fun activities for the day.

Pick up, Wash, Fold, and Deliver. The Trenor Process.
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    One of the core values of Trenor Laundry Service is Customer Satisfaction. I have been with the company since its inception and I don’t intend to leave.

    – Alexina Arthur

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    These days your turnaround is very fast.

    – Francis Boachie

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    The Family Package service is a true lifesaver. Not only is it easy on the pocket, but it allows us the freedom to focus on what really matters — family time.

    – Nii A.

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